Today’s Work

Working on the porch. Roofers moved on to the back of the house freeing up the exterior carpentry team to get the front entryway boards replaced.

I hope to start sanding and painting the porch deck in another week to week and a half. Then the porch will be complete. I think the roofers underestimated the scope of the job, and the time it would take. They are still here after three weeks. They hope to be done in another week to week and a half. After they finish with the shingles, They will fix the flat roof, and then go back and put all of the decorative flashing and edges around the entire house.

Drywall is almost done in the new bathroom addition. I hope to be able to paint the walls this week. Then, next week, the plumber will be able to come and set the fixtures and turn on our new water lines. Yay! I will have two bathrooms in the house now! Lol





2 thoughts on “Today’s Work

  1. I’m loving reading about your home. It is so beautiful! I always wanted to restore an old home. Now age has crept up on me and we are not physically able anymore, but love what you are doing. My husband and I live in the northeast part of Louisiana but Alex will always be “home”! Keep up the good work!

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