Goodbye carpet!

We used to wonder why the master bedroom was the only room in the house carpeted. That was until we cut a piece out and looked underneath. It appears that the old, old, old carpet backing was stuck to the hardwood floor. (Maybe 1940ish?). We hemmed and hawed for a while until we just decided that easiest thing would be to replace the carpet. Sure, we could move everything out the room and try for a couple weeks to scrape, sand, and glare this crazy carpet pad off the wood. But, in all honesty…I’m just tired and have way more things to do (like graduate this Spring) so we elected to just replace the carpet. Yesterday, the crew came and took out the horrific carpet (blue! Ugh… Not to mention all the contractors trooped in and out with their muddy shoes through that door while working on the house) and replaced it with a beautiful cafe au lait Stainmaster. It is divine. I think I am prouder of this project than any other to date–andi did nothing but pay for it (oh and breathe down their necks a little…hehe).

I am so pleased! Soon, I’m gonna call the interior done! We are right at 95% complete. Have some trim and ceiling paint to do, but other than that, I finally have a tool free, organized, remodeled, rebuilt,fully functional house!

Anyway…here are the pictures from yesterday.









I guess I did do one thing….I painted the vents to match the carpet.


Update: 2-9-14, I wallpapered the unsightly fireplace cover. I’m not sure what to do with it yet, but until then, it is sporting some really neat looking wallpaper.



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