Gettin’ Ready!

On Friday I arrived home to find that my husband had the above dumpster delivered in time to make good use of our Labor Day holiday.  Yipee!  We had already started some demo of the upstairs, but this dumpster gave us the authority to take our sledgehammer-ing to another level.  We now had somewhere to dispose of all the junk.

Unfortunately, today, Gustav hit shore and in another three hours, we probably won’t have any power.  So much for our big plans for the weekend!  We were able to get a little done.  Below are some hilarious pics of the PO’s attempt at framing up drywall.  If you will look close, you will see that he bought 8 foot boards, then I guess realized he needed ten foot board so he took another two  foot board and “sistered” it.  Instead of just buying twelve foot boards and cutting them down, this was his ingenious solution to his self created problem.  My husband and brother became increasingly bored throughout the morning…I mean, there is only so much you can do to prepare for a hurricane, so they decided to get at least a couple things done today and started tearing out the sheetrock and ripping out the bad studs. 

One good thing that has come out of all of this bad weather is:  I have three bored men in my house.  They have already installed the cabinet pulls and hardware that I bought a year ago on the butler’s pantry, demo’d most of the upstairs, removed the ugly half-rotted rail that some misguided previous homeowner installed somewhere down along the line on the flat roof and cut all the tree branches away from the house!  Woo hoo!  That dumpster will probably come in handy after the storm too.  We have two very old pecans that look like they are going to fall over at any time.  If they do fall, we can cut ’em up and toss ’em in the dumpster.  However, the bad thing would be if they fell anywhere on our house or on one of our vehicles…yikes! (hmm…maybe we would not have to worry about the roof loan after all…. 🙂  Lol…

Well, wish us luck!  The bad weather is starting to hit and the hurricane will be close to us in another two hours or so.  I pray that God keeps us all safe and that those pecans are still standing in the morning!

More on the house to come…

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