In Process: refinishing dining and living room floors

I spent all day running the floor sander….hopefully tomorrow stain and poly. The last pic is from Viv. It’s kind of a joke that she always takes pics of me working.








***Update 1: I did stain the floors on Sunday and just added them here. Sometime this week I will get to the poly.
***Update 2: first coat of poly. Wow! It’s purty! Sand and a couple more coats and it’s done!




PS: I used Minwax Red Chestnut stain and Minwax Fast Drying Polyurethane for Floors. This poly dries a whole lot faster than the Cabot poly I used in the study. It also didn’t have as much air bubbles when i brushed it on like the Cabot did.

2 thoughts on “In Process: refinishing dining and living room floors

  1. Wow! I’m in awe of how stunning the floors look epecially with the stain. We have old, worn oak floors in our house and I am trying to get the courage to refinish them. A ‘pro’ told me not to even consider trying to stain them darker as it is very difficult and can ened up ‘patchy’ and uneven. Your stain looks pretty even to me. Did you use a wood conditioner?

    • Hey! I did not use a wood conditioner. Even though my floors were very worn, they were not in stained. Except the dining room, it was stained pretty bad. After using a floor sander and taking off the top layer, we followed some blogs on refinishing floors and stained then polyurethanes the floors. It was very painful as we have floor registers. We had to make sure none of it got in the vents and that all if it got cleaned up before the stain without leaving any small particles behind. We kept it simple and did one or two rooms at a time. Thanks for your comment!

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