Before and After: Master Bathroom

This is a really fun one. This bathroom was so awful. We will start with the realtor walk through pictures and then show pictures of present. We just completely gutted and updated the bathroom this year. In the middle are pictures where we put down some vinyl and updated it a little and that is the way it stayed until this year, 2015, with all new plumbing, flooring, closet, etc.


Yes, there were swinging bar doors to the toilet….

Here are a few pics of what I tried to do to make it look better.


Then, my brother ripped out the toilet, flooring, lighting,  bathtub, etc. and put it all back together again. We lowered the ceiling a couple feet so you didn’t feel like you walked into a cracker box every time you passed over the threshhold. We also added a fan, new beautiful ceramic flooring in a chevron pattern. We also gutted the closet and put a new door in and re-engineered the shelves.


Before and after: ugly bathroom cabinet

Yesterday, I bought some organizers for my ugly bathroom cabinet and, while I was at it, painted and put in pretty contact paper. I just got tired of looking at the ugliness. I had a roll of contact paper leftover from lining the kitchen drawers and paint leftover from painting my farmhouse table. Ahhhh….organization!!!




(I apologize for the not so good pictures. My dslr has been out of commission for almost 18 months and I have been using my phone. I am hoping to return to better quality pictures soon with the purchase of a new dslr).

Before and After Bathroom

Ok, yes, so it has been since May that I have worked on this silly bathroom.  We worked on small pieces at a time.  We had to tear out the bathroom surround, level the floor, put down tiles (they will have to do for now- on a college girl budget), create a vanity (yes we did, from an old 1950’s Sears sewing table), put down the baseboard shoe, caulk everything up and then paint the trim white (was ivory).  I put up two mirrors I had in the attic and, voila, here you go!

Yes, I always mix gold/silver/wood/brown/black/white.  I go for the lived in shabby chic flea market look. 


Pulling out all the old

AFTER old moldy sheetrock and surround gone, new shower surround put in!



After - these mirrors came from the attic. Needed to see...looking for a nice black frame plain mirror.

AFTER- this mirror needs to go, anyone want to donate a black framed one???

I had some bird decals left over from my dining room project and thought they would look good here.  However, my brother teases me about having legless birds…..

I know I won’t win any BGH awards or anything, but my feet are happy that they do not have to walk on nasty plywood anymore.  My feet are enjoying the nice plush red rug placed in front of the tub.  My eyes appreciate this redo just as much.  Until the day we can create a larger bathroom, this will just have to do.


Even my dog hates this floor

I was sitting at the island in my kitchen, doing coursework on my laptop, when I heard a crunching sound.  I looked over and not only had my dog chewed a floor tile in my kitchen, he had it in his mouth and was walking (although quite awkwardly) away with it.  All I could do was laugh. 

My dog ate it

Apparently he has had enough of this floor too. I was not joking when I said my dog was half goat.  I have the replacement flooring sitting in my hall waiting for install day.  I picked out a nice oak laminate flooring.  We are going to redo the kitchen.

The bathroom is almost finished.  The new vanity we constructed is in the kitchen waiting on the plumbing parts to arrive.  Hopefully, we will be able to install it next Saturday and I will have the TA DA pics to post.  I know I have been working on this crazy bathroom for three months!  I am ready for it to be finished.

Happy Saturday!  Oh, before I leave, here is my random Vivian pic of the week.

Cowgirl Viv


Remodeling supplies taking over the house

One day, I am going to reclaim all of my catchalls and cabinet space.  It seems that the paint cans and screwdrivers creep in one by one from the shed and never make it back to the nice cozy home we made for them on nicely organized shelves.  In an effort to keep all of the various “things” from being left in the house, Steven and I, last Spring, spent an entire Saturday sorting everything into rubbermaid containers and Vivian labeled them all for us.  Unfortunately, this has not stopped the items from encroaching.  Just like unruly kids, I already have had to chase the caulk out of the bathroom….

I am trying to coax the nail gun from its resting place in the hall, but the ladders are rooted to the floor and wont budge.  Hmmm…..


Hair Spray and Caulk…Can They Co-Exist?

Only in my bathroom!  I thought this looked funny.  We have so many remodeling projects going on that items like this caulk gun start blending in with regular household items.

Well, well, I guess since I am showing you this picture, I will have to let you know that we did start remodeling our bathroom.  It is not exactly what we wanted to do.  We really wanted to take a wall down and move the plumbing around.  However, due to my decision of going back to school next Fall, we have decided to save our money and just update the bathroom.  We are not finished.  We still need to put shoe around the baseboard and I need to sand and paint the doorway and window, but this will give you an idea of what it is starting to look like.

BEFORE bath area. Notice the awful surround.

The floor was horrendous. We pulled up several layers of old tile and plywood.

Pulling out all the old

AFTER old moldy sheetrock and surround gone, new shower surround put in!

AFTER new floor


AFTER not sure why my pictures are fuzzy.

Bye-bye ugly!

I pulled all the old flooring out, Steven tore out the shower surround and sheetrock and stuff and then he repaired the wall and we both liquid nailed the new surround in.  I then caulked and siliconed it (do NOT want a mildewed shower later!) very thoroughly and Steven laid the floor.  I am proud of it!  Not exactly what I want at the moment (this is what I really wanted), but it looks a WHOLE lot better than it did.  It started getting be very embarrasing to have guests over…especially overnight guests!

I am so busy with finishing up the school year, that I have not been able to do the finishing work.  When I do, I will post pictures of the end result.  Until then, my caulk gun and hairspray will need to learn how to get along….they may be there a while!


Labor Day Weekend – Ouch!

Pictures from our Labor Day weekend.  We worked a little bit more on the bungalow rent house.  Not much else to report.  We installed the cabinets and counters in the kitchen and I textured and painted the walls in the bathroom.  For the before kitchen pictures, scroll down a post or two, or click here.

Vivian helping daddy install the countertops

Vivian helping daddy install the countertops

94 bungalow kitchen counters

Bathroom pictures before.

After peeling off wallpaper, a coat of paint, joint compound, and then yet another layer of wallpaper, the wall was less than even.  So, I textured the wall and because it still had a few blemishes, I painted it a fairly dark color to hide the imperfections:

94 bungalow bathroom texture

Have to pay the painter again!

Haha...that face is hilarious!

Haha...that face is hilarious!

I don’t have pics of the room painted.  It was so dark outside when I finished, the paint is semi-gloss and the poor bulb in the bathroom is about to give out.  So, I will take one tomorrow and post it.  I wanted to clean up my mess and paint the window sill before giving you a nice “ta-da” picture.  I hurt when I got up Sunday morning…..ouchies!  As they say here in Alexandria, I am all stove up!  (I never heard that saying in New Orleans….lol).

***UPDATE: Here is the bathroom all nice and painted.

94 bathroom painted


Have a good weekend!


So, Where’s the Drill At?

“So, where’s the drill at?”  I asked my husband smiling sweetly as I entered the living room.  I know that question is the one he hates to hear coming out of my mouth.  Steven peered up at me over the top of his laptop screen and replied “It is in the kitchen”.  I scurried off to retrieve it before he asked me any more questions.  As I made my retreat, I hollered out his second most hated question “Do you know where the leveler is too?”  I am surprised he did not follow me into the kitchen.  He must have either chalked it up to: 1) She has her mind set on doing something and I am not going to interfere; or 2) I am going to ignore her because if I show interest she will involve me somehow.

I retrieved the drill, two screws, an extra shelf I had lying around and the leveler and headed to the bathroom.  I had just finished cleaning out the bathroom cabinet. I know when you think of a bathroom cabinet, you envision a small little chrome and white thing with two little glass shelves.  No, no, no, that is not my bathroom cabinet.  It is a full cabinet with a laundry hamper behind a closed door on the bottom, and a HUGE open, deep cabinet at the top.  I got tired of rifling through everything looking for Tylenol, a sheet, an extra handtowel, my toothpaste, etc. that I decided to organize it — TODAY!  After I was finished pulling everything out and putting it in stacks, I noticed the reason things became so disorganized.  I have so many little prescription bottles and medicines, tubes of Neosporin, etc. that kept getting lost in depth of the cabinet.  So, I decided to put up little shelf inside the cabinet to set all of the small things on.  I put the shelf on the wall, leveled it, marked it on the wall and used two screws to put it up.  Voila!  Done!  The next step is painting the inside of the cabinet.  I will post an “after”  picture when I am completely done.

Now, my cabinet is organized, everything is neatly labeled, stacked, folded, on a shelf and within easy reach.  My husband finally got around to come and see what in the world it was I was getting into and he swears that when he opens the cabinet door, he hears the heavenly voices sing: “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh” with lights shooting from the depths of the cabinet!  It is that neat, clean and organized.